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Microstorm has a vital role to play in every business from Planning, Designing, Implementing and Supporting solutions. We are committed to providing high-value and customer-oriented services and solutions which can decrease operation and maintenance costs and increase return on investment.
Microstorm can offer the following services to a variety of customers in Cyprus and worldwide
If your IT infrastructure is not performing to its maximum efficiency, how can you?

Microstorm is here to make your company as productive as possible by managing your IT services. We start from the bottom up with your outsourced IT; making sure every part of your server and network environment is connected and running at its maximum efficiency.

Why should you be worried about running your business and running your network? With our highly trained staff on your side or remote, we will create a package that suits your managed IT services needs and keep you running and productive.

Unlike other managed service providers for IT, who profit from the failures in your I.T. environment, we profit when you profit.

Our purpose is to prevent computer problems from escalating into unexpected downtime, data loss, interruptions in business, and financial loss.

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Our aim is to help reduce IT management costs, increase IT infrastructure availability and improve access to critical data while freeing your key IT staff to focus on the core business

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